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Our Objectives

The Raven’s Nest seeks to be a touchstone where all those concerned with the care of the mentally ill – the patient, family, friends, health care professionals, administrators and lawmakers – can present ideas, stories and arguments that can improve the quality of care and therefore the lives of the mentally ill. It can be done with simple, honest and open  communication.

As a co-operative group we will do much  to provide hope for many, who are hopeless and helpless, in finding answers, or at least gain the knowledge of where to turn for those answers.

We also seek to illicit public answers from Social Services and Interior Health in British Columbia as to the nature and process resulting in the treatment of Raven Leach on the lawn of the Nelson hospital.

We hope we can all; doctors, nurses, social workers,law makers, the ill, and their families;all of us join in our efforts to become a village of mutual support and strive to make positive changes for the betterment of the lives of the mentally ill.

Some Laws and Acts have unintentional and serious repercussions upon the mentally ill and require modifications, or, in some cases, need to be entirely re-written. We hope to aid in positive reforms through interaction between all of us responsible for care. Existing provisions that are counter productive can be changed. New Laws, Protocols, and Acts can strive to close the gaps which cause so many to stumble. If those gaps cannot be closed, we will strive to provide better bridges to aid those fighting the fight against mental illness and help them to avoid ending up homeless, in prison or committing suicide.

Our Objectives:

  1. We seek to request a public inquiry into the treatment Raven Leach received at the hands of Social Services and Interior Health in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. Please read “Raven’s Sstory” and, after you have read it, if you agree that a public inquiry is required into her treatment, please add your name to our petition and a request  for public answers from those responsible for Raven’s treatment. We believe a travesty like Ravens ordeal should never happen again in a country like Canada, and particularly never again in British Columbia.
  2. We hope this website can gain a following and influence in order to positively change laws and acts that affect the care of the mentally ill, and support those much ignored caregivers – family and friends. Your submissions and comments are important, and will be heard.
  3. We also aim to help Social Services improve protocols for the care of the mentally ill. We need protocols  that don’t stop short and leave the patients ill and adrift.Working openly together we can avoid the pitfalls that exist for the ill under current protocols and, thereby improve their lives.
  4. We hope to bridge the gaps over the canyons and pitfalls that exist in the care of the mentally ill, into which land so many. So many end up in prison, homeless, or worse,  lose their lives.
  5. We strive to provide a forum for answers, and questions, so that family members of the mentally ill, care profesionals, and the ill themselves don’t feel ignored and become united in seeking improvements for the mentally ill.
  6. We hope to provide a place that connects care-givers, families, and the mentally ill into an open community of care. We hope to create the village effect.

2 Responses

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  1. Tanya Christie (nee Howell) says

    Dear Mr. Leach,
    My heart goes out to you, Trent and Karen. I am truly sickened by the tragic chain of events that lead to Linda’s death. After posting this link on my Facebook page, many people are outraged at the deplorable treatment (or lack of treatment) Linda received while in Nelson. There are many people that would like to see the system accountable for it’s actions and see that this never happens again. Could you please let us know who we can contact to insure that a thorough inquiry is make into this case?
    Look forward to hearing from you …

    • Don Leach says

      This week we will have a petition for an inquiry posted at the conclusion of Raven’s story.
      we hope many people will subscribe to the petition. The request petition will be forwarded from time to time to several government agencies and profesional associatins all of whom should inquire into the treatment Raven recieved at the hospital in Nelson We hope each submission of the petition will have more and more signaturesand be responsble for positive and responsible action.
      Don – Raven’s father.

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