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Dedicated to the Memory of
Linda Irene “Raven” Leach

Read “Raven’s Story“, and then Sign our petition. Thank you.


Raven fought a valiant battle against mental illness for twenty-five years and then found peace the only way she could find it. She took her life.

This site is also dedicated to all who care for; or who are family of; or those of us suffering from mental illness. We want to bring together the community of care for the mentally ill and create a village of care and support. Members of this village can then interact and shed the loneliness, hopelessness and helplessness experienced by so many ill and their families.

As an interactive collection of articles and conversations, we hope that together in cooperation we can build bridges that completely cross the canyons into which so many fall.

The Raven’s Nest – a touchstone for all who are mentally ill, and for those that care for them, both professionals and non-professionals.

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  1. Pastor Larry says

    This is a great site, Don. i look forward to further entries.

    • Don Leach says

      Thanks Larry. I hope that with your help The Raven’s Nest will be a resource for you and a place where you can offer ideas, find answers, and ask questions as part of the Raven’s Nest community.

  2. beverly says

    If you have a brain, at sometime you will have mental health problems: please reach out to those in time of need, and know that you have done the best you could.

    • Don Leach says

      Beverly, stay in touch. just being here for one another is important. When you can offer ideas and hopefully solutions. If we all stay in touch the comfort and knowledge we gain will be significant.

  3. Abby says

    Great site Mr. Don, I will keep visiting. Thank you for your outreach to the world. 🙂

  4. Kalli says

    Heard your call on Cross country check up. It is sad that viable solutions – Orthomolecular Medicine (proven effective 40+ years ago) and Emotional Freedom Technique (I am now a practitioner) are not given the air time they deserve by the Medical community and even Rex opted not to include that portion of my letter where I mentioned what I did to heal my depression on the air. Too many people have suffered enough.

  5. leigh says

    Just heard about your blog one cbc radio. I was floored by the simularities in your daughter’s story and the story of my mothers. The Interior health sector is made up of some no so intelligent person and then they’re is just not enough persons out there that are willing or able to speak out about their stories. For these reasons I thank you for bring this difficult issues to the for front…its only there and then that it can’t be ignored.

  6. Tom Engel says

    I heard you on cross country checkup. I am a lawyer. Please send me your email address

  7. Derrick says

    I too heard you on C.C. checkup yesterday ; very powerful. I could feel your pain. I wish you safety, peace, freedom, happiness and the continued discovery of your true self, Don.

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